We have medium, small and mini sized heelers that are family raised. Good temperments, very loyal and smart. I generally have acouple litters a year for sale.

I currently have following pups available. They are 12 weeks old (as of May 24, 2022) and ready to go. The red ones will be small to mid size heelers, and the blue ones will be mini to small heelers. All are friendly with great temperments, wonderful companions.  They have their first and second shots and have had their 8 week old vet check.

Pics on side--#1 Zoom--he is one of my current sires. Smaller but full of energy with a great attitude.

#2 Alice female--$800

#3 Alice male 3 in front and male 2 behind---$800 each (male 3 is also below with stick in his mouth! And male 4 is the  

                                                                                                                                      one running towards the camera.)

#4 Pixie male 3---$1500

#5 Pixie male 1---$1500

The pictures below are of their parents...Red female is Alice--mom to the red pups. Blue standing is Zoom--he is the dad to both litters. Blue sitting is Pixie--she is the mom to the blue pups

As I figure out how to work this website I will add more pictures and info.

Please email for more information!

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