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Sam and his new guitar.

Sam and Windy by a Little Country truck

Sam Little--born:February 28,1942--has played quitar and written songs since he was 8 yrs old. Sam has been recording Country Music for over 45 years. He has also been driving truck all his life--from logging trucks and cattle hauling to hauling produce and household as well as the long pipe trucks on the Kamikaze Trail in Alaska for the building of the Alaska Pipeline in the 70's.

Sam and Denise by the original temple rocks.

Sam by the aquaduct that Herod built to bring water from Mt.Carmel to Ceasaria, the water ran along a trough on the top of this!

Sandy Boly, a good friend of Sam and Denise,has written this book about their experience raising 3 daughters in the truck while they trucked back and forth across the country. The following is an exert taken from the book that explains it better than I can:
"My story is about living in an 18-wheeler truck for seventeen years. During this time, I raised three beautiful daughters, on the road, on the Alaska Highway, through the provinces of Canada, and the Lower 48 states. Included are stories of our exciting journey and our day-to-day life experiences and how we managed to keep a family of five together in a demanding and ever-changing industry."

Sam wrote a song about them, "The Truckin' Bolys" that is on the "Little Country" Album and Sandy has put the words to the song on the back cover of her book. The song has also been released as a single to complement the book.
The book and the CD with the single on, are available for sale by calling or emailing Sandy at:
boly@boly5.com ---- 907-883-Boly(2659)--- their web site is www.bolys5.com or you can mail them an order at:
Boly, PO Box 765, Tok, Alaska, 99780
The book is $16.95 -- the CD is $10.00 -- a combo pkg is $25.00 -- Shipping and handling is $4.95
For more information on either the book or CD, or any questions please call or email Sandy at the above contacts.

Nascar cups, 10 oz size. $10.00 each plus shipping and handling. Email me with your address and I will let know how much to you.

Nascar patch, 3.5 inches square. $7.00 each plus Shipping and handling. Email me and I can let you know how much to you.

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All Singin' Sam albums contain music about real situations with people and places.Traditional country music at its very best!

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To hear some of our songs please feel free to download these.
They are in MP3 format.

Truckers Shutdown (sample)

Taladega (sample)

Here are some more albums Sam has recorded over the years. (Most of these are no longer available. Maybe in they will be brought back but no plans to do that at this time.) FRUIT TRAMP--BROWNSVILLE TEXAS--GRAIN TRAIN

Documentaries that Sam has done: "The Josiah Story" Northern Native Broadcasting, "Alaska, Dangerous Territory" History Channel, "Alaska Pipeline" PBS, "Christmas in Alaska" Sam Little

Two of the Little Country Trucks unloading in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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